"A little Step Towards Everything"

Closing - August 27

6:00 - 9:00PM

“A Little Step Towards Everything”

Ariya Martin + Kathy Rodriguez

August 6 – 28, 2016

Closing Reception - August 27, 6-9 p.m. (last Saturday in August)


From roughly 2014 to early 2016, Martin and Rodriguez met at least once a week to collaborate on drawings as a way to process the trials of their respective relationships. The work documents the build-up towards their break-ups, and the revelations, truths, incidents, and feelings that filled the aftermath of the destructive dissolutions of their decade-long partnerships. Iconography and text related to individual and couples’ therapy, hope, impossibility, myths, fantasies, anger, hurt, horror, displaced energy, loss of innocence, self-exploration, and the reality and inevitability of loss and healing populate the drawings, which grew into part of a larger installation that references a bedroom or apartment where dreams were built and crushed, and began to be built again.


The raw and honest conversations about love and heartbreak that occurred during these drawing sessions revolved around their shared desire to understand and look at grief, confusion, and questions about trust, as well as the familiar role that many women play: the fixer of broken things. The universal irony in the expectation of that role is that no matter how much we devote ourselves to another, we must always acknowledge and work on what needs fixing within the self. The iconic, relatable imagery in the installation points to this kind of universality, as does the structure of the room, which represents both a collective psychological and a literal space where dreams, pleasure, and pain can lead to healing.


Martin and Rodriguez met at the University of New Orleans as instructors in 2008. They have exhibited their individual work in various local and national exhibitions. This is their first collaboration. They enjoy a mutual a love of homemade ice cream, YouTube karaoke, potluck lunches, cats and dogs, travel, adventure, nail polish, and swimming. Martin is a Sagittarius, the fearless adventurer, and Rodriguez is a Cancer, the protective feeler of feels.










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